Local Marketing 2.0 – Ergo chooses Movie Creator from Wonderlandmovies

Ergo is now advertising their product "Ergo Compass" using professional videos individualized for each sales representative and which introduce local details such as employees and their location.

The advantage is obvious: If the customer recognizes local elements or his or her personal business contact in a professionally created video, trust in the business is subconsciously increased to a much higher level than it would be through a generic corporate video. The viewer immediately identifies much more with their offer, which is a crucial competitive advantage.

Simply put, the ERGO Movie Creator is a mobile film studio. With it, ERGO sales representatives can record professional video portraits of 10,000 agents and the Movie Creator system takes care of the film editing and post-production fully automatically. Personalized details such as a name label below the interview images or address data are automatically inserted.

Wonderlandmovies has equipped more than 200 Internet-enabled Samsung Galaxy II cameras with the Movie Creator app for the ERGO campaign and produced a special film that explains in detail to the sales representative how the app works.

Example movie

Presentation video