Case Study: International Bank Campaign “Millionaires Club International”

Case Study: International Bank Campaign “Millionaires Club International” Top models, luxury, and a lot of money – What more could a millionaire want?

Wonderlandmovies launches “Millionaires Club International”, an international viral campaign for a investment bank.

On the campaign website, under the imaginary brand “Millionaires Club International”, there was glitz and glamour, amazing cars and gorgeous models to be seen.
Especially developed for the campaign, the site provides users with a deep insight into a deceptively realistic world of wealth, and they themselves can be the main characters in their own success stories. With only one click via Facebook Connect they can beam themselves into this world of wealth. Welcome to the Millionaires Club.

“The total campaign is very innovative for a German banking house, it’s somewhat edgy and will divide opinions. But that’s exactly what we want to achieve,” says Jan-Till Manzius, founder of Wonderlandmovies.
A spectacular, personalized Google Maps space flight and audio personalization constitute technical highlights of the campaign.

As lead agency, Wonderlandmovies is fully responsible for creation, implementation, and media. The Berlin agency Viral Lab directs the utilization and distribution of “Millionaires Club International” through a social media campaign, conceived initially for eight European countries. An international YouTube video campaign accompanies the “Millionaires Club”.