Personalized videos revolutionize marketing in the automotive industry

Our customers from the automotive industry benefit greatly from our personalized videos, which optimize all aspects of their marketing. The areas of application are diverse: from sales promotion to activating existing customers, to opening up new target groups such as novice drivers or implementing promotional and event measures. These videos are also extremely effective for location marketing and generating test drives.

Thanks to the personalized address, an outstanding quality of effectiveness is achieved. Each recipient feels particularly addressed by the individual appreciation and personally relevant offers. The impressive result: an increase in awareness and sales of up to 80%. Be inspired by our current implementations:

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Video personalization in AB test

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To read in and look deeper - our guide "Video Personalization".

Here you will learn not only the most important, technical background, as well as everything about possible applications,
but also also get important tips for implementation: mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.