Elevator Pitch

Wonderlandmovies is the award-winning digital media specialist in personalized and individualized video communication. We have significantly increased the effectiveness of advertising for clients such as Mercedes-Benz, Allianz, and Coca-Cola.

Relevance, Awareness and Conversion

Up to 80%

Our personalized and data-driven videos make particularly effective use of the strengths of moving images in digital communication. By displaying personalized or individualized offers, the user experiences himself as part of the message, enabling a 1:1 communication between customer and brand and heightening the relevance of your marketing efforts. This leads to maximized awareness and, consequently, a significantly improved conversion rate in the sales process.

In a personal conversation, we will gladly demonstrate how we make this work and how we can help you achieve your goals with a tailored concept.

Best Cases

Zalando #whereeveryouare with Topmodel Cara Delevingne

+54% Shop Sales

Coke Light

+1.200% Organic Reach

Empire Avalon, Kanada

+250% Higher Closing Rate

Sparkasse Kwitt

+22% App Installations

Welcome Mailing

+200% Video Open Rate

About You

+227% Participation quota

Unique Position

We are market innovators in Germany and created the country's first customized video. We have led the development in this industry from the start with a clear emphasis on the greatest visual quality, making us the market leader in the high-end part of the video personalization market. From conceptualization and production through technological implementation and dissemination of the finished videos, we offer expert all-inclusive solutions.

Elevator Pitch

At A Glance:

Our Philosophy

Messages are only effective if they are relevant to your customers and satisfy their individual needs and emotions. The more personal the message, the better it will reach this goal and this is precisely why we offer you solutions that are tailor-made for your customers.

With personalized videos we create a direct 1:1 access for you to your customers.

This results in clear competitive advantages, such as more effective communication, a measurable increase in turnover and increased customer loyalty.

Privacy & Security

Datenschutz & Sicherheit

It is crucial to protect the data of our clients and their end users. Because of this, we are a Cloudflare Enterprise Partner and can provide our clients the security advantages of Cloudflare's extensive network. In addition, we use the "Data Localization Suite", which ensures that none of our customers' personal data leaves the EU or, upon request, the DACH region, and provide the best data availability and performance through Cloudflare's network of over 200 cities.


Effie in Gold for the "Coke Dancing Bottles" campaign and EuroEffie in Gold for "Zalando #whereveryouare". These awards clearly demonstrate what video personalisation is capable of and that personalisation is the right solution for achieving high efficiency and performance goals.



Success Case "Europapark"

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