#From Buxtehude to the world - localized Facebook campaign for fashion retailer About You

Wonderlandmovies’ geo-targeting video campaign for fashion retailer About You connects personalized, local context with a travel prize to New York – a campaign that generates considerably more attention and conversion for the retailer.

The video campaign is rigorously based on a combination of geo-targeting and personalization and has been specially designed for exclusive use in social networks.

Wonderlandmovies initially produced 2,000 locally adapted versions for the Germany-wide delivery of the promotional videos, so the user will be addressed depending on their exact geographical location. So, a user from the small north German town Buxtehude obtains the message "#Buxtehude to NYC," a user from Monchengladbach gets “#Monchengladbach to NYC”. The delivery takes place in real time. WillnerMeier & Co of Hamburg filmed the spot in New York and produced the video.

Demo Infinitizer AboutYou

Example video "Buxtehude"

Example video "Darmstadt"

Example video "Pinneberg"