Targeted and personalized video campaigns for Facebook and Instagram

Dynamic Video Marketing is "Data Creativity". We support you in understanding your data and using it in a targeted way. Advertising videos are dynamically generated and personalized based on the interests of the respective micro-target group.


We start with your idea and the message you want to communicate. We analyse and define the personalizable elements of your campaign and work with you to present dynamic and appealing videos to each of your potential customers.


We use data to make our dynamic videos intelligent and relevant. These data can refer to the user (e.g. location, age or gender), his environment (e.g. time of day, weather) or also to campaign data (e.g. offers or special events).


When you combine creativity with technology, magic happens... In this way we create a unique and personalized video advertisement that is relevant to every viewer, where conscious and subconscious messages can be used to generate attention.

Success-Case: Vodafone - Together We Can

Wonderlandmovies implements the most dynamic video campaign ever.
6.5 million individual videos for every Vodafone customer!

In a situation where most customers go online from home, Hamburg-based agency Track launched for its client Vodafone together with Wonderlandmovies, the largest dynamic video campaign Germany has ever seen. Wonderlandmovies implements the most dynamic video campaign ever.

Demo video

Successful and award-winning campaigns

Infinite possibilities of individualization

Dynamic video campaign workflow

Data Creativity

Development of a creative idea based on the available data.


Definition of the personalizable elements of the campaign.


Distribution of individualized videos via social media, mail, instant messenger, etc.


Track and measure campaign success with real-time analytics.