Sparkasse Campaign "Wir sind Kwitt" — Creative storytelling with a chatbot and personalized videos

Sparkasse Campaign

In its launch campaign for the new payment function "Kwitt", with which money amounts can be sent quickly and easily from mobile phone to mobile phone without TAN, the Sparkasse bank uses the technical feature Chatbot for the first time. The special feature here: The technical feature is connected with entertaining storytelling:

At the center of the mobile campaign is a frightening muscle pack „the mesenger“, the users can contact him via Facebook messenger bot and "book his services" by creating a personalized video and sharing it with their friends. If the muscle pack in the video reminds of open debts, it can happen, that he breaks through walls. But he can also be very kind and, for example, bring an invitation for a dinner.

The campaign has already achieved 1.7 million views in the first 24 hours, thus setting a benchmark.

Campaign creation by JungvonMatt/Spree, film by Markenfilm Berlin. Video personalization, Wonderlandmovies chatbot programmed by whats broadcast.

Award movie

Demo movie „Cash back“

Demo movie „Collect money“

Demo movie „Invitation“

Demo movie „Get in touch“