VW Golf 7 Kampagne "onething"

VW Golf 7 Kampagne

Video personalization and live video generation for the interactive VW Golf video “onething”. (Agency: DDB Tribal)

The spot was specifically produced for this campaign in Los Angeles and tells a dreamlike story employing very emotional and atmospheric pictures.

On the campaign site www.onething.com, visitors were asked which things they would take with them if they had to spend the rest of their life in one place. Out of each category, such as favorite food, song or a loved-one, they’re allowed to choose just one thing, and these very personal answers are discretely integrated as individual scenes into the story.

The video is dynamically assembled from different parts and generated partially from CGI- sources (cinema4D) and live through an after effects interface. Afterwards it is rendered into the finished video employing the Wonderlandmovies Live Rendering Service.