Personalized Facebook Micro-Targeting campaign, powered by Infinitizer

Personalized Facebook Micro-Targeting campaign, powered by Infinitizer

Wonderlandmovies has developed an eye-catching spot for self-marketing, which was automatically personalized and published as a Micro-targeting campaign on Facebook. To achieve this, Wonderlandmovies used its self developed video advertising platform Infinitizer.

The trick, which has proved to be a perfect "Thumb-stopper", showed all the employees of companies that have been selected by the Wonderlandmovies team via micro-targeting, their employer and the location of their workplace in an elaborately produced 3D animation movie. With this campaign Wonderlandmovies appealed to international advertising agencies, displayed the quality and the possibilities of its services in an entertaining way, and simultaneously demonstrates how Facebook targeting can be used to appeal to a precise target group.

With Infinitizer it is possible, even with a small media budget, to achieved above-average View-Throughs, Likes and Click-Through rates.

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Example of an automatically personalized video ad

CGI by Serge Mustu