CECIL Dressing Room Stories

CECIL Dressing Room Stories
Realized by Wonderlandmovies:
Film productionFilm production
Technical realizationTechnical realization

The stage for the Instagram Stories campaign is a typical CECIL dressing room, a place where people normally try on, combine, doubt and smile without being disturbed, and with a bit of luck a perfect outfit is the result.

The highlight: we turn the backstage into the mainstage and show the Instagram users a CECIL dressing room through the perspective of the mirror. The portrait format of Instagram stories matches perfectly with the dimensions of our campaign stage - because changing rooms have always been in portrait format! In 15 seconds, different outfits matching the targeted target groups are told, packed into entertaining mini stories. As eye-catcher and thumb-stopper at the beginning of the spots the respective place of the spectator is called "In a changing room in ... Buxtehude".

The CECIL "Dressing Room Stories" thus become the setting for attention-grabbing and creative storytelling. Mission completed!

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