Personal Christmas greetings for friends.

Personal Christmas greetings for friends. Worldwide Coca-Cola Christmas campaign spreads Christmas joy.

Coca-Cola wants to inspire people to make others happy. At and all of the international websites of the 100 participating markets, users have the chance to leave customized greetings and wishes for their loved ones.

In cooperation with the digital agency Scholz & Volkmer, Wiesbaden, a video greeting card generator has been created allowing users to write their own greetings and wishes in Santa’s Magic Book, and then choose whether to send these personal messages to Santa Claus by the Coke Truck, via an Elf, or in a message in bottle. The result is a personalized video in which the user’s message is presented by Santa.

The campaign, which runs simultaneously in 100 countries is extremely successful, and millions of participant videos are created and shared on the social web.

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