Coke Zero – You’ve got to be eleven friends

Coke Zero – You’ve got to be eleven friends Let’s go to Brazil! Coke Zero is giving away an amazing trip to the football World Cup in Brazil for eleven friends, including access to the stadium’s VIP lounge. You can register on the campaign website where you are asked to invite ten facebook friends you’d like to take with you on the trip. The special highlight is the chance to post a customized video featuring the comedian Olli Schulz (“Schulz in the box” / Pro7) on your friends’ timelines. In the video, Olli Schulz reports live from “Brazil” - unfortunately, a “fake” Brazil in Schleswig-Holstein, and asks you to get going and to invite more friends. Because of its attractive price and unconventional recommendation mechanism, the video has quickly achieved a very high viral success and a wide reach.