Share a Coke with .... Wonderlandmovies!

Share a Coke with .... Wonderlandmovies!

A first for Coca Cola: For the first time in their history, the company will remove perhaps their most important branding element from their bottles. On the occasion of its friendship campaign, Coke’s iconic logo is being swapped for first names and youthful expressions. These individually labeled bottles will be available for purchase throughout the campaign.

Spanning all the digital channels, the campaign’s central starting point was the website, where consumers can conjure a name of their choice onto Coke bottle labels. Coke bottles with these individually designed labels can then be shared online with friends or ordered as actual bottles.

In collaboration with lead agency Scholz&Volkmer, Wiesbaden and brandnewmusic GmbH, Berlin, Wonderlandmovies has developed a personalizable music video that you can beam yourself and your three best Facebook friends into and share afterwards.

To meet the particular technical challenges of personalizing moving 3D bottles with names in authentic lettering, Wonderlandmovies developed its own 3D mapping method, which made this visual highlight possible in almost infinitely variations of names.

The video is assembled from various parts in real-time and then rendered as finished-product videos with Wonderlandmovies Live Rendering Service.

Campaign Video

Video by Scholz&Volkmer

Personalized musicvideo