Regional customer activation with the personalized video campaign ERGO „Reality Check“

<b>Regional customer activation</b> with the personalized video campaign <b>ERGO „Reality Check“</b>

The perfect tool for field service

The life situation of many people has changed in the past year. Reason enough for ERGO to recommend its customers to check their own insurance status and make adjustments or additions if necessary.

Under the concept title "Reality-Check" ERGO gives with the film to its sales force a tool to hand, with which consultants can activate regionally their customers.

The film, conceived and realized by Wonderlandmovies, is not only customizable with addressee and sender, but also with concrete insurance benefits.

Tailored videos for each insured

Example film ERGO "Reality-Check"

Example film ERGO "Reality-Check" Frau

Example film ERGO "Reality-Check" Mann