Wonderland and Greenpeace launch the “Green Mission”

Wonderland and Greenpeace launch the “Green Mission” Greenpeace activists are witnesses to environmental crimes, protest against the operation of nuclear power plants and demand that governments and businesses act in environmentally sustainable ways. Greenpeace activists campaign worldwide for the preservation of natural resources.

Through the interactive video “Green Mission” now everyone can get a taste of this revolutionary spirit, by climbing on board and being part of the organization’s daring activities – virtually, at least. Using face-mapping, you become the protagonist of the action-packed film yourself, and afterwards get information about current Greenpeace campaigns and how to become a Greenpeace activist.

Greenpeace wants to inform and excite young people, particularly, about environmental protection with this interactive video: and to be active, they don’t necessarily have to scale the sides of buildings. Through Facebook, Twitter and Google plus everyone can get involved, learn about environmental protection, and contribute to its success.