This will be good! Video mixer
Personal greetings and best entertainment performed by Friedrich Liechtenstein

This will be good! Video mixer<br />
Personal greetings and best entertainment performed by Friedrich Liechtenstein

While Germany is approaching normality in very slow steps, Wonderlandmovies is already opening the stage digitally for HD+: Curtain up for Friedrich Liechtenstein and his humorous performances. On you can not only experience them - here is the possibility to mix a video yourself, which you can then send to your favorite people or to yourself.

Depending on how the addressee has survived the previous months, you choose from "Couch Potato, "Socializer" or "Home Officer" and additionally add various performances from Liechtenstein .

Adding only the name of the addressee or a pet name and off you go. The so mixed video is created in real time. Each receiver is welcomed by audio personalization of Friedrich Liechtenstein and its perseverance achievements appreciated. With performances of a very special kind, such as: Banana thread pulling, head massage, silhouette meditation, devil's violin playing.... .

Based on the basic idea of the Munich agency LHLK, Wonderlandmovies not only developed the creative fine concept, but also implemented the entire project cinematically and technically. True to the motto of the campaign: this will be good.

Friedrich Liechtenstein: "I think it is very important to throw off mental ballast now and to regain, peu à peu, the lightness for a good life. And what could convey optimism and joy better than art? It has been too quiet around it for a long time. The video jukebox is a great idea and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do."

This IS good: Digital Communications Award in gold and silver for "This is going to be good!" campaign with Friedrich Liechtenstein 👍 🏆🥇 (Winner: Film & Video category; Silver: "Purpose Driven Communications - COVID-19" category). Concept & direction: Christoph Sinemus, PR: LHLK, Media: ICrossing, Wonderlandmovies: film production & technical project realization. 1,000 thanks 👏 to all involved.

Example "Pulling banana threads"

Example "Head massage"

Example "Egg peel"