Birthday song sung with audio personalization

Birthday song sung with audio personalization As a service provider with approximately 14 million customers, mobilcom-debitel is the biggest network-independent telecommunications provider in Germany. Within the scope of emotional customer loyalty, individualized films are sent to customers as birthday greetings. What makes them special is that the birthday songs are sung by mobilcom-debitel employees. Every birthday boy and girl receives their own birthday video with their name sung in the song.

The moment when their own name is not only written, but spoken - or in this case, sung - in a video has a strong emotional impact, and the company has the undivided attention of their customers.

This particularly effective effect is relatively uncomplicated to produce. It’s enough to record the most common names in a studio, and replace all the names not covered by this list with a general greeting such as “the birthday girl”.

The mobilcom-debitel birthday greeting video is automatically sent to customers on their birthdays, and generated on demand. The customer receives an email with the already personalized video and can also create their own videos for friends via a mobile compatible front-end device.