Opel Corsa Urban Calligraphy - Drive your own name

Opel Corsa Urban Calligraphy - Drive your own name Based on an epic film featuring the calligraphy artist and Internet star Simon Silaidis and the new Opel Corsa, first names and a personal greeting are written on a salt lake. Simon Silaidis’s distinctive style of calligraphy makes the personalization a unique work of art.

This project’s particular challenge was to create an internationally deployable font based on hundreds of single letters hand drawn by the artist, as well as numerous jewelry line elements, that can be written from the server automatically and generate a typeface which creates the illusion for the viewer that it has been painted together by calligraphers and the Opel Corsa driving in the desert sand.

The creative agency Scholz & Friends is responsible for the campaign, Infected (Markenfilm) for the film production, and it is directed by Cadmo Quintero.

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