Wonderlandmovies makes REWE and clubs fit:
With the "Scheine für Vereine" advertising film configurator

Wonderlandmovies makes REWE and clubs fit:<br />
With the REWE supports German amateur sports clubs with the "Scheine für Vereine" event: Starting from a purchase value of 15 € customers receive a "club ticket", which is credited as a value coupon to the amateur sports club of their choice. The club collects points to convert them into attractive premiums. To ensure that the campaign picks up speed right from the start, Wonderlandmovies produced a personalizable advertising film for REWE. Every club can use the Wonderlandmovies advertising film configurator with its own club name, logo, club photo and club address to share it on the club's own social media channels or publish it on the club's website. In this way, the clubs mobilize their personal supporters and ensure that the campaign is widely publicised.

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