Sparkling song greetings with Rotkäppchen - Sasha sings personalized messages for fans of the German sparkling wine brand

At, all Rotkäppchen customers can now not only order sparkling wine with their personalized labels, but also have Sasha sing for them and their loved ones. Because the well-known singer first sang 10 versions of the Rotkäppchen jingle "Der Moment sind wir" with different lines of text. Afterwards each of these messages was filmed with video passages. Visitors to the website can now select their personal favorite message and have their individual video clip created from it. Thanks to the Wonderlandmovies technology, this happens dynamically and in real time. Within seconds, the film is automatically assembled from the existing image and sound elements and can then be sent immediately in a personalized form. In this way, Rotkäppchen not only draws attention to the new, personalizable bottle labels, but also turns the fans into emotional brand ambassadors.

Wonderlandmovies was able to realize this ambitious project in cooperation with the agency LaRed (creation), Arvato Bertelsmann (web) and Bears Calling (film production).

Example "Birthday greeting"

Example "A toast to us"

Example "My one and only"