Walking Dead - RTL 2 and Fox announce the zombie apocalypse

RTL 2 and Fox are promoting the new season of "The Walking Dead" with Facebook video ads that are tailored to the user's region.

Video ads designed in the style of Breaking News report mysterious incidents with zombies. The highlight of the campaign: the video ads are automatically adapted to the user's location via geo-targeting. In the clips the actual home region or city of the viewer is named. In total, more than 500 cities and municipalities are covered. Users should also decide which of their friends they would save first. In this way, the campaign is to be virally strengthened. The campaign was launched in collaboration with Achtung! Hamburg.

Carlos Zamorano, Director of Marketing & Communication at RTL 2: "An effective marketing idea is always surprising and relevant for the target group. The 'Zombie News' achieve this by addressing the real environment of the users and thus mobilising them".