merci makes it possible:
Greetings around the world

merci makes it possible:<br />
<b>Greetings around the world</b>

That there is a World Day of Gratitude, we only learned through working on this campaign. Because for this occasion AUGUST STORCK KG is launching a very special kind of join-in campaign: on the microsite merci offers the possibility of sending a personal message of thanks to relatives, friends and acquaintances in the form of a personalized video. The motto: "I thank you once around the world and back".

Around the world in 58 seconds
The almost one-minute video is personalized throughout. The film is introduced with a text animation of the recipient's name. This is followed by many lovingly personalized video montages. Whoever receives the greeting film receives an individual message of thanks and can discover their own name in different parts of the world – for instance on a hot air balloon in Paris, in the desert sand in front of the pyramids of Giza or as street art in New York City.

Wonderlandmovies is responsible for ensuring that the personalizations and greetings of the virtual world trip are perfectly displayed and that the films are personalized for all recipients at lightning speed.

The concept for the campaign was developed by the Hamburg agency Pahnke Markenmacherei GmbH & Co. KG.


Personalized example video