Magic Movie Creator App for imagefilms

Magic Movie Creator App for imagefilms Wessels & Müller AG is Europe’s largest auto parts dealer and car workshop outfitter, delivering from over 90 locations to more than 50,000 workshops.

As part of a World Cup 2014 media offensive, an individual corporate video should be produced for a larger number of the 50,000 workshops.

The challenge of producing thousands individual corporate videos was innovatively solved by the Internet capable Samsung Galaxy camera in combination with a “Movie Creator app” developed by us.

Outfitted with the Galaxy cameras, and through Wonderlandmovies, trained sales representatives visit their workshop customers and make individual recordings there of the team, the workshop management and the workshop itself. In addition, individual details/information can be inserted into the films.

The information is sent via Wifi to the Movie Creator system that integrates the individual recordings into a ready-made corporate video, optimizes the videos and adds decorative and personal elements.

To make every video unique, over 100 film versions, distinguished by different introductions, film scenes, background music and narration, already exist on the system.

The Movie Creator app generates a ready-made film that can be sent to those in charge via email, and then published, via a content management system.

The videos where automatically published together with additional contact data, offered services and a google map on the workshop search engine

Productreel Movie Creator App

Result movie, brand „Free car workshop“

Result movie, brand „Auto Team“

Result movie, brand „Auto Check“

Result movie, brand „Bosch Service Workshop