European championship 2020... and suddenly 82 million national coaches enter the stadium

Who will be the European champion in the lottery? - Personalized ideas and implementation

On 82 million national coaches it will rain again hundreds of raffles just in time for the EM 2020. Off-Line, On-Line, with prizes worth A to Z, balls, tickets, journeys to be won in simple or complex mechanics. The hope of every brand: to be at the forefront in terms of impact and involvement with their own competition. But most results will be like those of the German team at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. In the end, you don't want to talk about it anymore.

Why is that? First of all, because there are far too many competitions and the communicative implementations are limited to the statement: "Now to the EM 2020 with the brand X win the prize Y! Such implementations are based on a widespread, thorough error. That 82 million fans could be united to form a kind of fan superego. That a target group suddenly becomes homogeneous because it shares a single interest. But that's not the case at all. Of course, being a fan is the important feeling of being part of a community, but at the same time it's a feeling of a single person that is as individualised as possible - fed by gender, age, origin, social status and the most individual view of the game, player, system, coach, opponent... . This is exactly why the most successful and consistent way of addressing 82 million national coaches is an individualised, or better still: personalised. "A kind of selfie campaign in moving image or in the form of social media ads," is what Jan-Till Manzius, managing partner of Wonderlandmovies, the German expert for personalized and individualized digital campaigns, calls it. "This way, every single football fan becomes part of the campaign implementation by integrating their personal data into our movies and data-driven ad campaigns in real time. As video and audio personalization." - How do you imagine it? "For example in scenes like this:" Manzius explains:""Your picture flies next to Manuel Neuer's in a soccer collection album. Jogi Löw writes your name on the tactics board... You enter the stadium with your personalised jersey next to Toni Kroos through the players' tunnel. Or an audio personalization: Your name is called out by the stadium announcer in the stadium and is answered a thousand times as an echo of the fans." Based on the respective task, Wonderlandmovies creates individual films, for this purpose, an own, brand-experienced conceptioner and copywriter is available. Or the ideas are delivered by supporting agencies. Are there technical limits? "The little blue ball we move on" smiles Jan-Till Manzius. "Otherwise we can make things possible that are absolutely unseen. And above all: whose performance in all dimensions surpasses traditional solutions. At the same time, our full-service implementations are often enough also easy on the budget.